Demi Lovato Has a Girlfriend Now and This is What She Looks Like

Demi Lovato finally got tired of dating MMA fighters and moved on to dating chicks. Smart choice, Demi.

A fan spotted the back of Demi at Disneyland and provided poor photographic evidence that Demi likes holding hands with girls.

Can no one take a picture of the front of a celebrity anymore? I used to be decent at knowing female celebrities by their ass, but married life changes what you spend hours researching every day.

Speaking of Demi’s ass.

That lucky hand belongs to Lauren Abedini, a DJ and producer. She also runs a charity called pwrxkittens. I thought the charity had something to do with kittens, but it turns out that it’s a non-profit DJ workshop for women by women raising money for women’s shelters. I guess that’s still a cool cause. They should really add some kittens, though.

There we go. That must be a hell of a kitten if it’s attracting Demi Lovato.

Abedini confirms in this Instagram post that she was indeed at Disneyland over the weekend. So even if that wasn’t Demi Lovato’s ass that her hand was attached to, she’s doing pretty well for herself.

Like most on social media, I’m very happy for Demi. Whatever gets her away from Fez and smug MMA fighters. I just hope this isn’t one of those “I like girls for a couple of months” phases that every single Hollywood star seems to go through. I blame Lindsay Lohan for this trend.

Come to think of it, didn’t she date Fez as well. I think we’ve solved it, America. Fez turns females into lesbians. I guess we probably should have figured this out based on years of evidence provided by That 70’s Show, but now it’s too big to ignore. Fez is currently dating Chantel Jeffries, so I look forward to writing about her lesbian relationship early next year.

Congrats to you, Demi. Go get that kitten.

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