Amanda Bynes Looks, Uhhh, Different Now

Remember when Amanda Bynes made her big comeback and was ready to take the world by storm? She didn’t do that. And that’s probably for the best. Instead, she made her big return and then went back into hiding because being a Hollywood star is tough.

But even Hollywood stars need grocery items.

That’s where Bynes was spotted on Friday with her life coach Joy Stevens.

Yes, that’s Amanda Bynes. She looks nothing like she used to, but what matters is that she’s healthy in the mind, right? And this will probably work in her favor. She was never a great actress, but she was hot enough to land major roles. No, she’s no longer hot, but being hot isn’t everything in Hollywood. Or so that’s what they tell us to save face. Really, having a good story means more than being hot and Bynes has the redemption story working in her favor.

Bynes stated that she wanted to do television upon returning to the screen and Selena Gomez reportedly offered her a role on the next season of 13 Reasons Why. Either she turned down that offer or the second season hasn’t started filming yet, because it would be pretty tough to miss Bynes on set.

She can have massive comeback like Molly Ringwald. Ringwald has the hot chick in all those 80s movies, but then she wasn’t hot anymore, so people stopped paying attention to her. But she managed to stage a comeback on The Secret Life of the American Teenager and no one cared that she wasn’t hot anymore. It was just cool to see Molly Ringwald again.

That’s the best case scenario for Amanda Bynes.

Worst case scenario is that she’s only spotted at grocery stores from now until the end of time, looking a little bigger each time.

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