Emma Stone Boning ‘SNL’ Funny Guy

Humor does get you the girl. Ask Emma Stone. She’s dating 32-year-old SNL writer Dave McCary.

McCary’s the guy on the left.

Evidently, they’re very low-key. McCary directed Brigsby Bear and Stone attended its premiere in June. This relationship must be in the early stages.

The 28-year-old Stone used to date Spiderman Andrew Garfield. Last year, Stone said about Garfield, he’s “someone I still love very much.” That was last year. Probably this year she would’ve said the same thing, but then pointed to McCary and said, “But now I got new dick.”

There were rumors in August that Garfield and Stone were getting back together. Stone allegedly flew to London several times to catch Garfield in the production of Angels In America. She’d go backstage and then sneak out holding hands with Garfield.

Garfield still has a soft spot for Stone evidently. Back at the Oscars, he looked at her lovingly when she won an Oscar for La La Land

We’ll see if he has the same look when paparazzi catch Stone with her tongue halfway down new man McCary’s throat.

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