Justin Theroux and Emma Stone Have Been Boning For Awhile Now

It turns out, Justin Theroux and Emma Stone are more than just “bfffffs.” Like there was ever any doubt.

A new report from Star Magazine (via Celebitchy) has Stone and Theroux hooking up while filming their Netflix series Maniac.

“The word is they were hooking up on the set of ‘Maniac’ and kept it hidden,” whispers a mole. “They’ve been seeing each other for months and are just starting to step out in public together… they’ve been meeting on the sly. He loves that she’s so spontaneous and almost 20 years younger than he is. Justin’s been craving excitement.”

Jennifer Aniston must be boring as hell because this is the second dude who has left her for someone younger and more exciting.

So I guess Stone is no longer  dating that Saturday Night Live writer.

The report goes on to say that Aniston is “livid and hurt.” You’d think she’d just be used to it by now.

You know, David Schwimmer is also single. Aniston and Schwimmer just need to marry and make everyone who invested their lives in Friends feel important. It’s all you’ve got left, Jen. Or maybe stop dating good looking Hollywood douchebags.

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