Justin Theroux Wants to Bone Emma Stone

Justin Theroux, fresh off his split from Jennifer Aniston, has wasted little time moving on. First, he was rumored to be hooking up with Petra Collins before being linked to Aubrey Plaza. Now, he’s moved on to Emma Stone.

The two were spotted out in New York following the Met Gala, which is that fancy ball where celebrities pretend to know what fashion is. They traded in their high-priced clothes that they’ll only wear once for ripped jeans, yoga pants, t-shirts, and hats during their NY stroll.

Back in April, Theroux posted an Instagram photo of himself and Stone hanging out with Queer Eye For The Straight Guy star Jonathan Van Ness. The caption read, “Bffffffs. And yes. JUST bfffffs”

Yeah, you don’t use that many F’s unless there’s a certain four letter F word involved.

Now, despite the two hanging out and Theroux’s overcompensation about their friendship, Stone has been dating SNL writer Dave McCary since October 2017. It’s possible the two have split without anyone knowing because SNL writers are pretty bad at coming up with endings.

It’s also possible that Theroux and Stone simply are Bffffffs. The two HAVE  been working on the upcoming Netflix show Maniac along with Jonah Hill after all.

That’s the real story here. Hill and Stone are reuniting on-screen!

While Theroux has been out-and-about with various celebrities and non-celebrities, Aniston has kept a low profile since the split. Because some people don’t need to flaunt that they’ve moved on. They just simply do it.

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