Justin Theroux Shows Off His Tramp Stamp

Justin Theroux has a back tattoo and instead of being embarrassed by it like a normal person, he’s more than happy to show it off at the Vulture Festival.

So I had two dogs, both rescues, pitbulls … and when they died, I dedicated half my back to one and half of my back to the other. So its a picture of a rat, because my dog used to kill rats in Washington Square Park. It was horrible. I mean, they were doing a service to New York. Oh, and then a pigeon. A New York pigeon and a rat.

Theroux explained that he got the tattoo in honor of two of his dogs that had died, which is kind of sweet. Then he explained that the tattoo is of a pigeon and a rat because his dogs used to kill them. It apparently never occurred to him that he could get a picture of his beloved dogs tattooed instead.

Honestly, it makes a lot more sense why Jennifer Aniston is leaving this clown now. I’m sure looking down and seeing a rat and a pigeon every time they had sex was kind of a turn-off.

In case you at home want appear interesting without having an actual personality, here’s a list of other disgusting ideas for back tattoos:

1. That scene from The Exorcist where she pukes pea soup

2. Courtney Love’s vagina

3. Courtney Love’s face

4. Kurt Cobain’s face, present day

5. Divine eating dog shit in Pink Flamingos

6. Basically any scene from Batman v Superman

7. Justin Theroux

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2 years ago

Wow, that was lame.

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