Justin Theroux Was Living a Double Life With Jennifer Aniston

While it was initially believed that old love notes from Brad Pitt caused Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux to split, a new report has more damning evidence.

According to Star (via CeleBitchy), Theroux was two-timing Aniston while in New York. Despite being married, the Leftovers actor maintained his bachelor pad in New York while Aniston lived in Los Angeles. If it’s in different area codes, it doesn’t count.

A frequent vistor to Theroux’s NY pad was 25-year-old photographer/artist Petra Collins.

Here’s what an insider had to say about the secret relationship:

“Justin and Petra have been carrying on for some time. He insists that they’re just ‘friends’, but he seems to be obsessed with her, and Jen isn’t buying it.” Jennifer feels like “this is like history repeating itself… she’s heartbroken and humiliated.”

“Even when he’s back in the States, Justin has been spending most of his time in Manhattan, hanging out with all sorts of models, artists and designers, which is how he met Petra. While Jen was living in LA, Justin was partying it up like a bachelor – and was even telling people he was single. When Jen got word, she totally hit the roof!”

Prior to the split, Theroux posted the following photo of himself with Collins.

This doesn’t look good for Theroux, but that implies Theroux cares about his image. I’ve seen the way he dresses. He doesn’t care. At least now he no longer has to hide his desire to be a New York hipster while pretending to love a big Hollywood star.

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