Madonna’s Friend Says Madge ‘Didn’t Care’ About Fans, Never Read Tupac’s Prison Letter

So remember how a break-up letter Tupac sent to Madonna from prison in the early ‘90’s turned up over the summer because a former friend of Madonna’s was trying to sell it at a celebrity memorabilia auction? Well, it turns out Madonna may have never read it because her people assumed it was a fan letter, which Madonna didn’t read.

During depositions for the court case over whether Madonna’s former friend Darlene Lutz can sell a bunch of Madonna’s old junk, including a pair of panties that have been on Madonna’s old junk, the two disagreed on whether Madonna had even read the letter her then-boyfriend Tupac had sent her from jail, which, according to Page Six, Lutz found in a pile of fan mail.

“You’re trying to distinguish between a personal letter or fan mail. And if you put two envelopes in front of you, one from a fan and one personal, and they looked exactly the same, what distinguishes that from fan mail,” Lutz said.

“The point is that Madonna didn’t handle her fan mail. She didn’t care,” she said.

“Is it your testimony that the Tupac letter was in some pile of fan mail?” O’Rourke asked.

“Yes,” Lutz answered.

No wonder Will and Grace was so mean to Madonna last week. For her part, Madge testified she had received and read the letter which then wound up in a pile of unread fan mail.

“I have a specific memory of receiving that letter because I had a close personal relationship with Tupac Shakur and I specifically remember receiving a phone call from him while he was in jail,” Madonna said in the affidavit.

“I also have a specific memory of reading the letter. In particular, I remember that he apologized to me. I never gave this letter away,” she said.

“It is intensely personal,” she added.

I mean, at this point, we’ve all read the letter, and it wasn’t important enough to Madonna that she asked where it was in at least ten years. It might as well go on auction.

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