NFL Will Let Players Kneel, Can Focus on Bigger Issues Now

Good news, folks. The NFL will allow players to kneel and Donald Trump will probably blow up the entire league.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell came to his senses, realized that players kneeling has no effect on the game and truthfully isn’t a big deal. Of course, it took a meeting with the players and owners for it to happen instead of common sense, but hey, progress is progress.

Following the meeting, players, owners and Goodell said things, but they didn’t really say anything. Take a look at these quotes.

“We spent today talking about the issues that our players have been trying to bring attention to. About issues in our communities to make our communities better” – Roger Goodell

“We were really more talking about solutions and how we get the results that we want to get.” – Eagles player Malcolm Jenkins

“We heard what they had to say, and they heard us. It’s open talks, and that’s a good thing.” – Dolphins owner Stephen Ross

None of those quotes mean anything except that maybe the players finally got through to Goodell and the owners and made them realize that they’re not protesting the flag and they’re not harming anyone by taking a knee. Peaceful protest is part of the Constitution, right? Right. That’s all they’re doing, so let them do it.

This is only a big deal because the president can’t stay off Twitter and the owners are rich white dudes who probably voted for Trump.

Maybe, instead of focusing on things that don’t matter like guys taking a knee during a song everyone “loves and respects” despite not knowing the lyrics to it, focus on things that do matter. Like losing your biggest stars to injury and the ongoing concussion issues.

Also, let me point out the hypocrisy of being upset for guys taking a knee.

Aaron Rodgers goes down with a broken collarbone last weekend and has to be carted off the field. How do his teammates react? They take a knee and probably say a prayer. But taking a knee and saying a prayer during the anthem and flag waving, which is supposed to represent fallen veterans, isn’t cool? Next time a teammate gets injured, make sure you’re standing and half paying attention just to be safe.

I don’t care how anyone shows their support during the national anthem. Stand, take a knee, do a yoga pose, whatever. As long as your silent, mindful, and off your damn phone, do what you need to do.

Now, someone hire Kaepernick so the president has a heart attack.

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Umm, except that they have made very clear that they are not kneeling during the anthem as a way to show respect, but as a protest against America. We’re supposed to be so moved by their protest that we join them in agitating for social change, but at the same time we’re not supposed to realize that it’s a protest? Double-think lives. How stupid do you think we are? If the players think that this is trivial and unimportant and they can’t comprehend why people are offended, then given that people ARE offended, why don’t they just stop doing it?… Read more »


Only a fool could write this article.

Chris True
Chris True

Fair enough… the author feeeels that the Kaeperick and the other players taking a knee are not being disrespectful because what they are actually doing is ‘ taking a knee and saying a prayer during the anthem.’….

There is only one intelligent and moral response to feeeelings such as yours: You are a blithering idiot and should skulk away from the keyboard and see if you can get your old job back as a taste-tester at a lead paint factory.

nyc rich
nyc rich

Roger Goodell decided taking a knee isn’t a big deal. Well I think it is and I pay the bills by watching the game and buying your sponsor’s products. So you, Goodell, can watch from your skybox, me, I’ll find something else to do.


Wow, from reading the comments here so far… the best result of all this may be racist white finding a new hobby that doesn’t include oppressing and exploiting black men. Win win!

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