The Weeknd Once Again Getting It With Bella Hadid

Are The Weeknd and Bella Hadid back together? Who the hell knows at this point. The other week it was rumored that Weeknd wanted to fight Drake for sleeping with Bella Hadid. Then some the story about Weeknd dating one of Justin Bieber’s exes. Now, it looks like Weeknd and Bella are back together.

The Weeknd was caught leaving Hadid’s apartment on Tuesday night and sprinting to, what I assume was, a getaway. If he was sprinting, you must of had them fresh Air Max’s on. You know what happens when homeboy comes through with the Air Max’s, right?

Weeknd and Bella split about a year ago. Bella never moved on to anyone serious (No, Drake is not a serious relationship) while Weeknd moved on with Selena Gomez. However, Gomez dumped him to get back with Bieber and now it would appear that Weeknd is going back to his first love as well.

The lesson here is, just stick with your first love and save gossip writers a lot of trouble. It’s tough work keeping track of who is together or back together with who. Everyone marry the first girl you fall in love with and then get divorced, like normal Hollywood couples.

If Weeknd was hoping to look inconspicuous as he left Hadid’s apartment, he did a shitty job. Being on your cell phone and running from the scene of the sex is a dead giveaway that you were up to something. You throw on a hoodie and you casually walk to the car like you’re no one and nothing happened. Has this dude never taken a walk of shame?

The big winner in all of this is Drake. He remains single, free to keep hooking up with the ex of every other rapper and singer. Drake always manages to win.

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