Kim Kardashian Still Knows How to Use Instagram

It’s easy to wonder why Kim Kardashian is famous. She’s not particularly intelligent, talented or interesting. She doesn’t sing or act, and she’s not so much a businesswoman as she is a brand. Her name is on things because she’s already famous, she’s not like Marc Jacobs or Donna Karan, where people know her name because they wanted to buy her stuff.

Well, Kim posted a reminder to Instagram today that reminds us what she’s famous for.

Damn, she’s had two kids, she’s pregnant with a third and she looks like that. Well, I mean, she doesn’t look like that, but she looks close enough to photoshop into that, which is still not bad.

Kim also posted this picture to Twitter with the same “Rise and Grind” caption, and as I was looking through the reactions, I came across this gem.

Yes, Trillby Joe here has some advice for Kim Kardashian, and like Jermaine Stewart, he says we don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time. Which raises an interesting question: why are you a fan of Kim Kardashian if you don’t want to see her naked? What does she actually bring to the table?

I’m sure that Kim Kardashian, the center of a brand centered on the relentless management of her image, who is married to Kanye West, someone who knows a thing or two about image management himself, is grateful for the advice of a weird, thirsty Twitter dude. It never occurred how much better her career would be if she tailored her image to you personally instead of doing what all those PR people and E! producers tell her.

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