Paris Hilton Underwent an Extreme Makeover – Kim Kardashian Edition

Kanye West has a fashion line. If you’re reading this and can afford anything from the YEEZY line, please send me money instead of spending it on overpriced clothes.

West has been promoting YEEZY Season 6 by having his wife, Kim Kardashian, run around town wearing the latest items from his line and tipping off the paparazzi. It’s totally genius and totally Kardashian.

Everyone knows you can’t go through the drive thru on feet.

To take it a step further, West now has other women going around town in the latest YEEZY fashion. But not just other women….women who underwent complete makeovers to look exactly like Kim Kardashian.

And the woman who underwent the biggest makeover? None other than longtime Kardashian friend/rival Paris Hilton.

These two were friends way back when Kim Kardashian had no ass or boobs. She was working as Hilton’s assistant while Hilton was dumbing down the country on The Simple Life. Now, she has Hilton looking like a Kardashian clone.

The two had a falling out right around the time Kardashian followed in Hilton’s footsteps and came out with her own sex tape. Kardashian became a big star off the tape while people got sick of Hilton and her “play dumb” persona.

Hilton took shots at Kardashian and it looked like the former BFFs would never reconcile. But a thirst for fame heals all wounds, and Hilton is thirsting for fame once again. And if you need to become famous, hitting up the Kardashians is always a smart plan.

Kanye’s extreme obsession with his wife continues to be my favorite thing about him. I hope they never split because I can’t see it ending well for Kanye. He’s going to be so lost without Kris Jenner telling him what to do.

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