You’ll Be Able to Get Drunk at Disneyland in the near Future

Parents, listen up. You know how you have to take your kids to Disneyland and it’s really fun, but after the first hour you just want to sit down, have a beer, and let your kid run off by themselves? I know you’ve been there.

Good news, Disneyland is making dreams come true again.

Here are the details from the Thrillest:

Ballast Point Brewing will open a 7,300-square-foot location with a three-barrel “research and development” brewery, restaurant, and an outdoor beer garden for Disneyland visitors 21 and over. The taproom will feature Ballast Point staples such as Sculpin IPA, the Dorado, and the Commodore American Stout, as well as “exclusive, custom, limited-edition beers” only available sold at this location.

Just keep Goofy away. That dude is drunk already.

Look how beautiful that looks. Adults enjoying a beer. No kids around. No waiting in lines. This is what Disneyland should be.

Why the hell did it take Magic Kingdom this long to have a brewery? You can only take so much Mickey Mouse before you need to get away from that annoying mouse.

You know this is going to lead to so many issues at the start. Kids are going to be grumpy being stuck inside, parents are going to have too much to drink, and Ursula will start looking like Ariel by the time you leave.

I give this brewery six months before people start to complain about drunk parents who have lost their kids.

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5 years ago

It’s not in Disneyland, it’s in Downtown Disney, which already has several bars. I’ve spent some happy times at Uva.