Aubrey O’Day’s Song ‘DJT’ Might’ve Been About Donald Trump Jr. Affair

This is the only time you’ll see Aubrey O’Day trend. Today came news about Donald Trump Jr.’s possible affair with her while his wife was pregnant. Back in 2011, they supposedly got together while filming Celebrity Apprentice. Junior allegedly told her he was leaving his wife for her and O’Day bought it. Typical story.

Interestingly enough, O’Day released a song in 2013 called “DJT”. DJT  = Donald John Trump Jr., get it?

The lyrics seem too spot on for this Trump Jr. affair story not to be true.

The song starts off with some dialogue between O’Day and a boyfriend/lover:

O’Day: You can say it was all a fucking fairytale or you can say it was real, but I need to know and you know.
Whatever the truth is defines the reality of you and I forever, and I need to be able to define that before I can walk away.
Guy: I thought it was forever at the time but maybe I was lying to myself
O’Day: Is that what you want? You want to believe that everything with me was a lie?
A fantasy? And you want to go back and live in the life that you had have forever?
Guy: I don’t know. I couldn’t do what I said I would do so that answered the question for me.
I’ll always want you and always wonder about it but it doesn’t matter because I have to stay here.
O’Day: What made you stop believing in our world?
Guy: I don’t know, I think probably the loss of the other world.
I’m torn between two worlds both of which I wanted.

The song then segues into O’Day singing:

I hate me for loving you, hate you for letting our love die
I hate me for loving you, hate you for letting our love die
I hate me for loving you, hate you for letting our love die
I hate me for, I hate me for, hate you for letting our love die

After that, more dialogue.

O’Day: Tell me you love me, I need you to do that.
Guy: No, you don’t.
O’Day: Yeah I do, I need to know it before I walk away.
Guy: No that’s exactly what’s stopping you from walking away.
O’Day: No it wouldn’t, that’s exactly what would help me walk away.
Guy: You know everything anyway you’re the only one who ever knew my heart.
O’Day: I have to move on, I need your help.
I can’t believe that this was all a lie;
you have to tell me you love me.
Guy: I don’t, cause you’re a fucking pain in my ass.
O’Day: Tell me you love me and I won’t talk to you anymore, I’ll leave you alone.
Guy: Look it doesn’t matter, it can’t matter, the truth will only kill us both.
O’Day: You have to say it once to yourself and to me and then I’ll go.
Guy: I love you. Talk to you later.

O’Day: But later never came…

When you listen to the song in the context of this alleged affair, it’s pretty fascinating. That dialogue surely came from her conversations with Trump Jr. Sounds like O’Day was truly in love with him.

Maybe Junior was in love with her too, but got too much pressure from his family. Sources say that Donald Trump told him to “knock it off” and his family pressured him to stay with Vanessa.

O’Day should cash in right now. Start a stripping and singing tour with Stormy Daniels. That’s the American way.

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