‘Lethal Weapon’ Is Already Getting Too Old for This S**t

Despite his apology, Clayne Crawford’s trouble on the set of Lethal Weapon isn’t going away.

Deadline, who broke the original story about Lethal Weapon potentially facing cancellation due to Crawford’s behavior, has new details on the story.

In his apology, Crawford detailed two instances on set where he was reprimanded.

The first stemmed from him being upset due to what he considered unsafe working conditions. Deadline reports that Crawford became angry due to noises coming from a nearby building. Crawford also complained about a certain stunt that the director wanted him to do. Crawford had hurt himself film a movie and was concerned for his safety. The director quit and Crawford shared his salary with him.

The second incident Crawford takes blame for is when he was in the director’s chair and an actor felt unsafe after a stunt gone wrong. The actor in question is co-lead Damon Wayans. The two blew up at each other and reportedly no longer speak to each other on set.

If The Rock and Vin Diesel can work things out, these two jabronis can figure it out.

Crawford’s issues seem to be a cover for larger problems that have plagued the show. There are no table reads, which means any script issues have to be fixed on-set. There is no veteran executive producer who is used to handling stars with egos like Wayans and Crawford. Finally, neither Wayans or Crawford are repped by an agency, making communication with them tough.

If they want to keep Damon in line, I hear he has some brothers who have probably given him a whooping or two in his life.

We’ll know shortly whether or not Lethal Weapon will be renewed or potentially re-cast. What are Mel Gibson and Danny Glover up to nowadays anyway?

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3 years ago

no riggs- show is s**t

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