A Fan Live-Tweeted Watching Greta Gerwig Watch Amy Schumer’s ‘I Feel Pretty’

So I woke up today to see that Amy Schumer bumped a comic at Caroline’s last night. Which is not a big deal, it happens all the time, she only took ten minutes and the comic, Brendan Sagalow, got to do his whole set. The problem is that Sagalow, who was headlining for apparently the first time ever, had already started his set when Schumer came up on stage with him and asked for ten minutes. Which is kind of a dick move, like, not even Bill Cosby ever pulled that s**t.

So roughly around when that was happening, Greta Gerwig, the writer and director of Lady Bird, a movie that gives a keen insight into the previously-unexplored topic of how teenagers don’t always get along with their parents even though they actually love each other in the end, sat down to watch Schumer’s new movie, I Feel Pretty.

This might be a surprise since she’s the internet’s favorite punching bag, but I’m actually a fan of Amy Schumer. She used to be really funny. Cutting is a top-twenty all time comedy album in my book. And in complete contradiction to the plot of I Feel Pretty, a movie where Schumer thinks she’s attractive as the result of a massive head injury, I also think she’s pretty hot. I’m not sure why Amy Schumer keeps getting movie roles where she’s supposed to be some kind of bridge troll, she used to date Dolph Ziggler, you know. By the way, there’s a great joke about her catching him masturbating on Cutting, you seriously need to listen to that album.

Greta Gewig also seems to be less than impressed by Schumer’s new film and its Fred Flintstone-inspired “bonk on the head” plot, at least according to the Twitter user who sat behind her and tweeted her reaction to the film. And it was a 4 pm showing on a weekday, no one was sitting behind the live-Tweeter, who noted there was no one behind her in the theater to bother with her mobile phone, which does somewhat improve the ettiquete of texting during a film.

She mentioned in a later tweet this was the only thing she planned to tweet about Gerwig, but it turned out that the Oscar nominee picked an afternoon matinee to attend so her and her friends could yell at the film while it was playing.

Schumer is wearing disguises after a massive head injury, this really does sound like an episode of The Flintstones.

And there you have it, Greta Gerwig is just as unimpressed with Amy Schumer’s recent work as the rest of us. And she like to talk at movies.

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4 years ago

The second I saw the trailer for this movie I epic-facepalmed. I get what Amy’s trying to say with this movie, unfortunately it was really obvious that this movie was going to make just about everyone angry or eyeroll. She represents herself as a feminist, the loudest segment of American feminism is conservative feminism and (unlike lipstick or stileto feminism) conservative feminists all seem to scream “objectification” any time you try and do anything related to appearance. All in all, it feels like she doesn’t know her audience.

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