John Cena Willing to Impregnate Nikki Bella If It Means Getting Her Back

John Cena proposed to Nikki Bella in front of millions at WrestleMania 33. They were scheduled to get married earlier this month, but Nikki (or Cena, depending on which publication you read), called things off.

And now Cena, always the babyface, is fighting to get her back.

Appearing on the Today Show, Cena said he “had his heart broken out of nowhere” and that he “still loves Nicole.” This would appear to confirm that Nikki was the one who called off the wedding and not Cena. Unless Cena is lying. But pro wrestlers never lie.

Cena continued by saying that he wants to have kids with Nicole, which is more shocking than him losing to The Undertaker in two minutes at WrestleMania 34. The WWE superstar turned Hollywood actor had long been against kids (and marriage) after a divorce from his first wife. He changed his tune on marriage with last year’s proposal and now it looks like he’s willing to impregnate Nikki as well.

For those out of the loop, Nikki has always been jealous of her twin sister Brie. Brie has a husband (WWE superstar Daniel Bryan) and the two welcomed a baby girl into the world in early 2017. Nikki has always wanted a husband and children, but also wants to be spoiled and live a lavish lifestyle. Cena provided the latter.

The two appeared to be down for the count a couple of weeks ago, but if you’ve seen and many John Cena matches as I have, you know that this match isn’t over until the ref counts three. And Cena typically kicks out at 2.9.

[Image: Daniel Benavides]

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