Molto Mario Batali in Molto Guaio as NYPD Opens Sexual Assault Investigation

A few days ago, a man in Washington state was killed by a mountain lion, and the news led to the revelation of an interesting statistic: Since 1890, there have only been 25 reports of someone being killed by a mountain lion. That’s fairly close to the number of women allegedly assaulted by Mario Batali, the ginger Food Network host of shows like Molto Mario, The Rape Room with Mario Batali and How To Boil Water Loudly Enough To Muffle The Screams Of Your Victims.

The Huffington Post has confirmed with the New York Police Department that Batali is under investigation for sexual assault, but gave no additional information.

One woman, who was interviewed in silhouette to protect her identity, is accusing Batali of drugging her and engaging in what she described as criminal sexual misconduct while she was unconscious. Batali, through an attorney, denied these allegations.

At the time, the woman, who worked for Batali in 2005, had a rape kit done and spoke to detectives in the special victims unit at the NYPD. Even though the detectives asked her to file a police report, she declined, telling “60 Minutes,” “They tried getting me to file a report. They tried, they tried. But I ― you know, a young actress, no resources, no money ― I couldn’t. I― I couldn’t do it.”

The employees called a room in the restaurant “the rape room”. Dude was up to something in there. I can’t say for sure what, but this seems entirely in line with what might go on in a rape room.

I am personally shocked at Batali’s behavior. I thought for sure if someone from Food Network was going to be accused of sexual misconduct, it would be Guy Fieri. That dude 100% looks like a date rapist and he calls aioli “donkey sauce”, which is all sorts of wrong. But he’s been happily married for 22 years and no one has accused him of anything, so good for him. Maybe Nigella Lawson, all she would have to do is talk normally to anyone and they’d be sure she was inappropriately propositioning them.

I really shouldn’t be surprised at the news about Batali, though. The man wears crocs with socks, that’s a sure sign of sexual degeneracy. Look at the only other famous person in the world who ever wore crocs.

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