Nikki Bella Will Only Discuss Her Relationship with John Cena on ‘Total Bellas’

On Monday, John Cena pleaded with Nikki Bella to take him back. He was even willing to have kids.

Nikki was speechless when she heard.

Well, unless she was promoting the new season of Total Bellas. She had plenty to say about her reality show, less about her actual reality.

Speaking of Total Bellas, which premieres this Sunday on E!, a new clip was released with Nikki detailing how she rarely sees John.

Nikki explains that she and John have shared their bed, maybe 30 days out of the six months they’ve been engaged. Keep in mind, this show is six months behind real time and they were engaged over a year before splitting. Adjusting for math, they shared a bed 60 days in their one year engagement.

The engagement is supposed to be the happiest time when you’re having sex every day, right up until the wedding. Nikki definitely wasn’t getting laid enough.

Cena was a busy man in the past year, filming multiple movies, a TV series, and appearing on WWE television whenever needed. Nikki….did stuff. I think. Or maybe she truly was “alone in these big, beautiful homes” all the time.

If you want to see how this story ends, tune in to Total Bellas a year from now.

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