Clumsy 5-Year-Old Hugs Sculpture and Breaks It, Parents Owe $132,000 Now

Kids are the worst. You have to take care of them, pay for all their s**t, and be responsible for all of their actions. And even if you do all of that to the best of your ability, they still want to hug random statues.

This 5-year-old in Kansas thought some statue with no arms needed a hug. Not wanting the statue to feel lonely, he gave the statue a hug. And the statue loved him back a little too hard, toppling over and falling on the kid.

The sculpture, named “Aphrodite Di Kansas City” and made of glass and pieces of mirror, crushed the kid and broke. He broke it, so the parents had to buy it. Sarah Goodman, the mom, thought it might have cost like $800. Nope. It costs $132,000 and now the parents are broke.

The worst part is that you know this kid isn’t going to become a millionaire in his life, so he’ll never be able to pay his parents back. No genius ever started their life by hugging and breaking statues.

Goodman said, “Maybe my son hugged a torso because he’s a loving, sweet nice boy who just graduated from preschool.” If only they could pay for the statue in love.

Travelers, the insurance company for the city, sent a letter to the parents.

“This loss occurred when your son was in a closed area of the property and toppled a glass sculpture. Under common law in Kansas, you are responsible for the supervision of a minor child and your failure to monitor them during this loss could be considered negligent,” the letter said, asking for her insurance information. “The cost of the sculpture damaged is estimated at $132,000.”

Artist Bill Lyons spent two years on the project and says it can’t be repaired.

Parents, this is why you teach your kids to never interact with strangers.

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