FBI Agent Tries to Bust a Move, Busts a Cap Into a Crowd of People Instead

You know, ever since President Trump started attacking the FBI as a distraction from his campaign’s massive corruption that’s being investigated by a special counsel, a lot of otherwise sane people have been doing anything they can to suck up to the agency, painting them as hyper-competent and infallible in an attempt to make Trump look bad. As if he needs help with that. But any criticism of the bureau has been treated, in some circles, as an affront to very basic values America was founded on.

Then this asshole came along.

That, my friends, is an off-duty FBI agent getting down at the club until he drops and accidentally discharges his gun into a person. And when I say “discharges” what I mean is “fires by pulling the trigger as he’s picking it up and then the bullet that came out of it went into a person.”

The NRA commented that this really shows the need to outlaw backflips and other dangerous dance moves that are primarily performed by minorities and then rambled for 20 minutes about how selling weapons to Iran was good. Things have been weird since Ollie North took over.

By the way, this is the good guy with a gun your racist uncle is always talking about at Thanksgiving. He’s an FBI agent, he’s been trained on how to properly use a handgun. Why wasn’t the safety on his firearm? Why is there a bullet in the chamber? Why does he put his finger on the trigger when he picks it up? Who told him khakis and a flannel shirt was a good look?

At least the victim was okay, relatively. The Denver Post reports that he “was transported to the hospital with a good prognosis.”

We at The Blemish have also obtained exclusive footage of the agent leaving the venue.

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