Kim Kardashian Is Good Now, Reality Star Petitoning on Behalf of Another Inmate

I make fun of Kim Kardashian a lot, mainly because she’s dumb, she’s only famous for having a sex tape while being rich and her reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, is unbearably vapid. But Kim has been using her unearned celebrity for good, getting President Trump to pardon Alice Marie Johnson, a woman who was serving a life sentence for thinking about selling drugs.

Now Kim Kardashian is on Twitter asking California’s Democratic governor Jerry Brown to retest the DNA evidence against Kevin Cooper, an innocent man on death row.

Kevin Cooper was convicted of a gruesome murder of a family and one of their children’s friends in Chino Hills, California. Josh Ryen, then eight, survived the attack in which his throat was slashed and told the police he and his family were attacked by a group of white men with blonde and brown hair. A woman suspected her boyfriend, a convicted murderer, was involved and sent police a pair of his coveralls that were covered in blood and told them that his hatchet, which matched the description of one of the murder weapons, was missing.

The California police took that evidence, ignored it, destroyed the bloody coveralls and framed Kevin Cooper, a black man, for the crime. Jerry Brown, the governor of California, is refusing to allow DNA testing that may exonerate Cooper to be tested, even though Cooper’s defense team has offered to pay for it. I suppose Brown and other Democrats don’t want to look like they’re soft on innocent people who have been framed for murder.

I think it’s great that Kim Kardashian is using her status and profile to raise awareness for people in our country who are unjustly imprisoned. Jerry Brown has every intention of letting an innocent man die as a political strategy, and that’s sickening. Someone should be doing something about it, even if that person is Kim Kardashian.

It’s a sad indictment of our country when we look at our broken justice system and say “Please, save us from our own bad choice, reality TV thot,” but here we are. Our politicians don’t listen to us. Thankfully Kim Kardashian is smarter and more compassionate than people like Governor Brown and is doing what she can to correct at least some of the many injustices our legal system has produced.

And yes, I do honestly think Kim Kardashian is smarter than a majority of our elected officials. No, that’s not a compliment to Kim.

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