Logan Paul Is Going to Box KSI, Unfortunately Not to the Death

You know, I make a lot of jokes about wanting Logan Paul to die, and I just want to make it clear because I think he’s a bad person who actively makes the world worse just by existing and I legitimately wish he were dead. So I was disappointed to find out that the boxing match he’s hyping is just against another guy from YouTube and not a legitimate boxer who could do some real harm to him. Let’s put Logan Paul in the ring with Gennady Golovkin for 12 rounds, I’ll bet he could give Paul a CTI by the end of the night.

Earlier this year KSI, author of the aptly-named biography I Am A Bellend, had an amateur boxing match against YouTuber Joe Weller. After winning the match KSI then said he wanted to fight Logan and Jake Paul. Jake Paul will be fighting KSI’s younger brother Deji Olatunji at the same event Logan fights KSI, for which tickets went on sale today.

Even PewDiePie thinks this is going to be a waste of time, noting that while we’re going to get to see one of these idiots get beat up, the other one is just going to walk away even more insufferable than they are now.

“The thing is, you want to see one of them getting beaten up, getting punched up, right? But the thing is everyone loses in this fight. One person will get punched, but the other person’s ego will get so massively boosted that it immediately cancels itself out, and it’s just not worth it. So in the fight KSI vs Logan Paul, we all lose.”

It’s true, these two morons have been hyping their fight for weeks like a bad WWE pay-per-view, even before their idiotic press conference.

The two ran into each other in a night club last week and got into the worst worked fight promo I’ve seen since the time Brian Pillman pretended to murder his former tag team partner Steve Austin.

Oh my god it hurts! It hurts my soul. They’re doing their best to pretend this is real, but these guys are not exactly Ric Flair at the mic, which is doubly hilarious because they’re presumably professional actors and entertainers.

Yeah, I believe Logan Paul “hates the kid.” Tickets to this fight, which is going to be terrible, are $600 each. It’s like a practical joke that these idiot are playing on the public. “Hey, we know you hate us, so give us a huge payday to watch us hit each other not very hard!” I almost want to congratulate them for so successfully monetizing being the worst people in the world.

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