Claressa Shields, Actual Boxer and Light Middleweight Champ, Calls Jake and Logan Paul ‘Clowns’

Logan Paul was at Wrestlemania on Sunday and I feel like he really found his calling there. He did what he was born to do: get booed and get knocked out.

Logan Paul is in pretty good shape, if he was willing to do the work he could be a pretty decent heel in a pro wrestling organization. I doubt he’s willing to do the work, though.

It’s pretty clear that what he and his brother won’t ever actually be is real boxers. Logan doesn’t seem to actually want to be, he just knows he can get a bunch of money from exhibition matches because people want to see him get punched. Jake actually seems to think he’s a real boxer because he’s had a few exhibition matches.

Women’s Light Middleweight champ Claressa Shields wants everyone to know she could kick both their asses, and I’d bet she could take them both down at the same time.

“I like when the older fighters come back, like Roy Jones versus Mike Tyson. I think Jake Paul and his brother are more like clown shows, to be honest. But they’re making money, they’re using their platforms, but it’s not real boxing. 

“Respect to them for, I guess, training, but I’d much rather see Mike Tyson Evander Holyfield, or something. I don’t want to see Floyd beat up Logan Paul but Floyd can do whatever he wants, he’s accomplished everything so he gets to call his own shots – it’s just something I don’t want to see.

“No-one’s ever mentioned an exhibition to me because they know I do real fights – I would whoop Jake Paul’s a** though, just because he thinks boxing is easy. I saw him do an interview recently where he said Youtube is harder than boxing. What – being a Youtube star is harder than being a boxing? 

“He said something about posting to Youtube for 800 days straight. Big whoop, you posted a video. Do you understand what it takes to become a boxing world champion? I have trained more than 800 days. Putting up a video, for one it’s free. 

“You just post this s**t, the internet is doing the hard work, you’re not doing nothing. So for him to say YouTube is harder than boxing, I was like man, people are giving him a platform to say all kind of dumb stuff.

“He’s [Jake Paul] picking his fights to make it entertaining, I don’t know how Ben Askren box, I have no idea. I know he’s been inside the cage before, he had a good record, so hopefully he has enough boxing skills to beat Jake Paul but who knows. Ben is known as a wrestler I think.”

I disagree with Claressa on only one thing here, and it’s that I very much want to watch Floyd Mayweather beat up Logan Paul.

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