Seth Rogen Fails to Cancel the Summer of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

In case you didn’t know, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are engaged. And if you didn’t know, have you not been online in the past couple of weeks?

Grande and Davidson have been all over social media since their engagement, posting picture and video after picture and video, smacking everyone in the face with their idea of what true love should look like.

You know things are getting to be too much when Roberson Pattinson, king of the PDA with Kristen Stewart, looks a bit uncomfortable as Davidson is talking about Grande.

Things came to a on Thursday when Davidson posted the following picture:

Not only did he post that photo, but Grande slid into the comments like the two don’t live together.

This was all too much for Seth Rogen.

Alas, his attempt to quiet the happy couple was all for naught.

Don’t expect their PDA filled romance to end anytime soon. This is the summer of Grandavidson. We’re just along for the ride.

Rogen is just mad Davidson isn’t puffing and passing with him anymore.

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