Sterling Brown Sues Racist Police Officers Who Tased Him

Comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore once said there are two types of people who become police officers: people who were bullies in high school and people who were bullied in high school. At the end of the day, most police are not good people. Every day police officers do things like assault a nurse for not letting them violate a patient’s constitutional rights, arrest moms for selling someone lunch they made at home, and choke people to death because they think they were selling loose cigarettes. Oh, and the guys in ICE ripping children away from their parents? Cops.

Especially bad are the officers who attacked, tased and handcuffed Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown last month over a parking violation.

Brown filed a lawsuit today against the city of Milwaukee, the chief of police and the officers involved in his arrest for unlawful arrest and violating his civil rights.

Deadspin editor Timothy Burke tweeted some images taken from the Facebook page of one of the officers involved in the arrest joking about his use of excessive force, which were included in Brown’s lawsuit.

I wonder if there was some sort of racially motivated reason it took eight police officers to give a black guy a parking ticket? Even if we’re being generous to the officers, they were defrauding taxpayers by bringing eight people in to collect overtime on a parking ticket. One of the officers was singing “Money, money, money.” Erik Andrade, the officer who made the incriminating Facebook posts, said he got “5+ OT” which I can only assume means 5 hours of overtime pay. For a parking ticket.

We here at The Blemish have managed to locate footage of these brave men responding to the call for backup when this hero cop spotted a car parked across two spaces at Walgreens.

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