Blac Chyna Just Can’t Stop Dating Teenagers

Blac Chyna is by far the bro-est woman in the world. When you break up with your shoe-salesman baby daddy, what’s the bro-est way you can think of to get back at him? If you said “send him pictures of you fucking another guy in his bed,” then you know why Blac Chyna is a total lady-bro. Now, Rob Kardashian sells socks and not shoes, I guess, but I don’t see how that’s better. The only real difference between those two endeavors is socks smell worse.

And who else but a bro would swing their baby’s stroller at someone who called them a hood rat while they were on a date with their teenage boyfriend?

If you need more proof that Blac Chyna is a bro, well, here it is: after her 18-year-old boyfriend dumped her, she started dating a 19-year-old with a better body. That’s right, according to OK, Blac Chyna is rebounding with teen boxer Devin Haney.

Let’s hope 30-year-old Blac Chyna doesn’t repeat her mistakes with her ex YBN, which were… basically being a 30-year-old dating an 18-year-old.

Blac and YBN started dating in February before he called it quits in June. A source told Radar Online that his reason for dumping her was that she was “too clingy” and her talks about starting a life together and having kids with one another “scared the h*ll out of him.”

As someone who almost exclusively dates younger women, I can tell you that this is a big mistake. 30-year-olds and 18-year-olds are in very different places in their lives, and it’s a lot to overcome. People can and do overcome significant age gaps, and I’m not about to shame anyone for taking a younger lover, but you have to understand the other person’s perspective and not push relationship stuff they’re not ready on them. Basically, you have to really be in love to make it last, not just trying to make your somehow-famous ex-boyfriend jealous.

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