Chris Pratt Cut Down a Gigantic, 181-Year-Old Tree and Sent It to Nick Offerman

Chris Pratt is what you might call a redneck. When he got his big break on Everwood, he claims he spent his entire first paycheck buying fishing and hunting gear from the L.L. Bean catalog. And now that he’s one of the biggest movie stars in the world, he lives on a farm. He even kills his own sheep.

So what happens when Pratt is out on the farm looking for his next meal and he spots an old-growth douglas fir that’s been struck by lightning and is going to die? You cut it down and send it to your Parks and Recreation co-star Nick Offerman so he can furnish your entire house with it.

It’s pretty well-known that Nick Offerman is quite the craftsman, and you can even buy one of his expertly crafted but exceptionally expensive pieces yourself if you’re so inclined, but most of his woodworking is done for his friends like Pratt.

This is the best part of all of this, though. No matter how famous and in shape Pratt gets, he’s still the same maniac who played Andy for all those years and will almost kill himself with a chainsaw by climbing on top of a literal ton of tree precariously balanced on a single branch.

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