Ariana Grande Still Having A Hard Time With Mac Miller’s Death

Ariana Grande is having a tough time following the death of ex-boyfriend Mac Miller.

Grande tweeting two or three words at a time, usually ending with some type of “I love you” statement is nothing new. But obviously with Miller’s death, these statements are a bit more ominous.

She was scheduled to performer this Saturday on Saturday Night Live, but backed out due to “emotional reasons.” In her place will be Kanye West. Those planned skits with Pete Davidson are going to be extra awkward now.

Miller died on September 7 and Grande hasn’t been in the public eye much since then. In the weeks leading up to his death, you couldn’t open a webpage without seeing Davidson and Grande making out or getting matching tattoos or talking about how much sex they were having. Now, Grande isn’t leaving the house and Davidson is back to being “that dude on SNL.”

It’ll get better, Ariana. Time heals all wounds and Pete Davidson still has big dick energy.

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