Ariana Grande and Mark Hamill Are Probably Going to Get Engaged

Over the weekend, Twitter’s reigning Jedi Knight, Mark Hamill tweeted this on Saturday night:

Most people recognize the quote as the name (albeit spelled correctly) of Ariana Grande’s latest hit song “Thank U, Next.” This caused quite a bit of a stir on social media and word eventually reached Grande:

Same, Ariana, same. I must admit, that if Luke Skywalker himself deigned to quote my written word on social media, I would be pretty stoked, too. Fans even started calling for the two to work out a collaboration. I have no idea what Hamill’s singing skills are like, but I do know that his Joker voice is amazing. I’m sure that could be worked into any song, and it would be a guaranteed hit.

It turned out that Hamill had tweeted this unintentionally, not realizing that this was, in fact, the name of a hit song. However, Hamill remains as delightful as ever, being self-abasing, and blaming the error on being an old timer who’s just not in with current popular music:

Grande was still beyond thrilled with Hamill’s tweets and praise, even if the original tweet was made by mistake:

I don’t blame Grande for being overcome by the Jedi Master’s approval. If I received such high adulation from the Great Mark Hamill, I would probably keel over on the spot. But I would hold off on that tattoo, Ariana. I know it would make quite a statement, but tattoos require complete commitment. Unlike engagements and ex-boyfriends, tattoos a lot harder to get rid of.

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