Dave Chappelle Took Pete Davidson to a Cabin in the Woods for Christmas

If there’s someone who knows about disappearing from the public eye to deal with your own s**t, it’s Dave Chappelle. Of course, when Dave went to Africa (and he didn’t really disappear to Africa, he just took a regular vacation there), it was after four years of creating one of the most popular shows on cable television and questioning the way people received his humor. Pete Davidson got dumped by a girl he had known for like three weeks and the only time he ever made anyone laugh is when they found out he got Hillary Clinton and Ruth Bader Ginsberg tattoos.

Us Weekly had exclusive details on the brocation.

“Pete spent a few days before Christmas hanging out with Dave Chappelle in Ohio,” the insider reveals. “They have been friends through the comedy world.”

The source adds: “Pete wanted to get away for a few days to feel better, so Dave invited him there. Dave has a house somewhere in the woods.”

For the record, if Dave Chappelle wants you to take a vacation in the woods with him, it’s cool, go ahead. He’s a good guy. If Kevin Spacey or Bill Cosby ask you to accompany them to a cabin in the woods, it’s probably best to pass.

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