Chris Brown Isn’t Even Trying to Disguise How Much of a Dick He Is to Women

Chris Brown has never been very skilled at hiding what an utter dickwad he is, but right now, he’s not even trying. And this is right after being accused of sexual assault in Paris.

Brown seems to think this would be the perfect time to release a new song all about having sex with a new girl every night while cheating on a significant other. Here’s just a sample of the lyrics in Brown’s new song, “Who Dis?”

“Can’t even play like I’m innocent/Every night I f**k a different bitch/I’m the man, you the woman, it’s different.”

Christ, I feel dirty just looking at those lyrics. The whole song just sounds gross.

I will never understand why people continue to support this creep. Even celebrities who ought to know better are defending him. He’s violent, disgusting, and disrespectful to everyone who crosses his path. And as far as anyone can tell, Brown has no plans to change. His music hasn’t even been that great in the last several years. But then, asking why people continue to defend Brown is about as fruitless and frustrating as it is to ask why people still support Donald Trump.

Brown still hasn’t been officially charged with rape, but there is an investigation underway. I don’t think anyone would be surprised if something does come out of this investigation against Brown since violence against women has been his M.O. for years. Brown maintains his innocence and has filed a defamation suit against his accuser. Frankly, this sounds like an elaborate attempt to scare his accuser and get off the hook. Again.

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