R. Kelly Made Bail and Immediately Headed to the Place He Goes to Pick up Teenagers

R. Kelly is going to spend the rest of his life in jail. The man just can’t help himself.

As you know, Kelly spent the weekend in lock-up because he couldn’t make bail for his raping children arrest. Well, he did finally get the money together to get himself out and he immediately headed to the place he goes to find teenage girls to f**k. Seriously.

According to Page Six, Kelly went to the “Rock n Roll McDonalds” in the River North neighborhood in Chicago, which is where he used to go to pick up underage girls.

“When I was little I used do karaoke at that rock & roll McDonald’s on 30 and he came SEVERAL times,” another person alleged in a tweet from January. “My dad stopped letting me go bc he thought r Kelly was truly gonna snatch me eventually.”

In another tweet from November, a user said: “I remember as teenager getting females downtown by Rock & Roll McDonald’s and I would see R Kelly roll up in limo getting them as well…like damn couldn’t compete.”

Far be it for me to give life advice to R. Kelly, but when you get arrested for banging underage girls, you probably don’t want to immediately go to a place where underage girls congregate. Go somewhere where there’s no chance you’re going to run into any underage girls, like a YA bookstore or a Harry Potter website.

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