Watch This Girl Obliterate a Tree With Her Fists

The Saadvakass family is a Kazakhstan family of 8 who’ve been boxing since they were probably in their mother’s womb. Rumor has it that instead of their mom going through labor, they threw hands until they made their way out.

You may have heard about the Saadvakass 4 years ago. They made news when a video of one of the kids, Evnika, 8-years-old at the time, went viral. In it, Evnika threw 100 punches a minute. But that’s not surprising since their dad, professional boxer Rustram Saadvakass, has been training her since 3-years-old.

In fact, he’s been training the entire family 5 days a week in the woods. Once in the morning, once in the evening. Evnika is just the one that excelled. Their dad even invented a tool called the Evnik which uses momentum to condition muscle groups to increase speed and mobility.

Well it’s 4 years later and it looks like the family is back with another viral video in hopes of boosting more sales of their Evnika tool. This time their kid is chopping down a tree with her fists. Let me repeat that. A 10-year-old girl is obliterating a tree with her fists.

If you watch closely, you can actually see her future boyfriends backing away slowly.

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