Chrissy Teigen is About to Slap the Stupid Out of Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham is a Fox News host who clearly has some sort of brain damage. I know that sounds harsh but she dated Keith Olbermann and… you try explaining that some other way.

Apparently Ingraham had an issue with Teigen and her husband John Legend addressing the Democratic congressional caucus because Chrissy uses naughty potty words like f**k. She was also mad Teigen was on Time’s 100 Most Influential People list.

She is right, if I was going to bring her down, I’d go for the vagina steaming thing. I don’t know what mugwort is, but I know it doesn’t belong in your snatch.

Damn, she really came out swinging there.

That’s… wow. I had forgotten about the time Ingraham did a Nazi salute and tried to turn it into a wave and finger guns when she remembered there were cameras around. The finger guns were Luger P08s, by the way.

Ingraham didn’t respond, but she did call Ben Shapiro smart which supports my earlier brain damage hypothesis.

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3 years ago

Teigen is such a waste of oxygen.

3 years ago

For the author to claim that he remembers Ingraham making a Nazi salute…’ I had forgotten about the time Ingraham did a Nazi salute ‘…he displays some very serious mental issues, such as not remembering when obama, bill clinton, hillary clinton. harry reid, chuck schumer bernioe sanders and joe Biden all marched around snapping into the nazi salute.

3 years ago

Teigen looks like a tranny and her gay husband she wears a strapon for.

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