Justin Bieber is Still A Big, Whiny Diaper Baby

It’s really hard to overstate the extent to which Justin Bieber is a little bitch. I’m really not surprised Marilyn Manson wanted to beat the s**t out of this little douchebag. If you missed it, Bieber filled his diaper on Twitter because an E! host was mean to him about his terrible lip syncing job at Coachella. Here what Morgan Stewart said, via People:

“I did not realize it was going to be that bad,” Stewart said on the show before ripping into Bieber’s facial appearance. “He definitely looks like he put an Oxy pad on that forehead, but I don’t care. That is f—ed up!”

That’s not even that harsh, but Justin couldn’t even take that mild criticism.

Ah yes, the old “Why are you so negative, why can’t you bring positivity into the world instead of telling everyone how much I suck even though I do, in fact, suck so fucking hard?”

I feel like Justin failed to consider that if Morgan bullied him so hard he never showed his face in public again it would be a net positive for the universe.

Ariana Grande also chimed in to say that making fun of Justin makes you “ugly.”

I really wish Joan Rivers was still alive. She would make Bieber cry so hard he’d never leave his house again and then we’d be spared his terrible music and the even dumber s**t that comes out of his mouth when he isn’t singing.

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