Kim Kardashian Trademarked the Word ‘Kimono,’ a New Word No One Has Ever Used Before

Man, just yesterday I said I felt bad about making fun of Kim Kardashian for dressing like she was the queen of the homeless person’s ball, but thankfully Kim made ure those feelings didn’t last long because Kim can’t help being Kim. There’s a reason Kim can be fighting to get innocent people who were denied a fair trial out of prison 18 hours a day and people still think she’s worse than dipshits like Bradley Whitford, who get treated like respected political thinkers.

Basically no matter how much praxis Kim Kardashian does, she’s still Kim Kardashian. And now she’s trademarked the word ‘kimono.’ If you don’t know, a kimono is a Japanese garment. It’s sort of like a yukata, but sexier. It’s essentially a fancy robe that you wear in public.

What Kim is selling under the brand “Kimono” is basically Spanx to make your ass look bigger.

Here’s the thing… this is the opposite of a kimono. Remember when I said a kimono is like a yukata earlier? The biggest difference is you always wear a specific undergarment with a kimono, and it ain’t this.

Kimono can be flattering to the form, and they’re not exactly loose-fitting, but they are robes. They’re not going to sculpt your ass. People pointed this out on Twitter.

Kardashian hasn’t actually gotten the trademark for “kimono” and probably won’t, for this reason. There’s already a thing called a kimono.

Just look at that sculpted ass. Well done, kimono.

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3 years ago

So much airbrushing on her legs. It’s hilarious. There is nothing real about her. She is basically a wax figure, that found a way to have money flow from her orifices.

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