R. Kelly Arrested for Sex Crimes… Again

I’ve lost count how many times R. Kelly has been arrested for sex crimes but add this new one to the pile. R. Kelly was arrested Thursday night in Chicago on charges that were part of a 13-count indictment which includes child porn, enticement of a minor and obstruction of justice.

A second 5-count indictment from New York was unveiled Friday and alleges Kelly and others coerced minors to perform sexually explicit acts on camera. The reason was to “promote R. Kelly’s music and the R. Kelly brand and to recruit women and girls to engage in illegal sexual activity with Kelly.” Kelly and friends even launched a US tour to recruit these women and girls. The surprising thing here is it sounds like sexually exploiting minors has become R. Kelly’s brand and he just rolled with it. It’s like if Chris Brown stopped trying to pretend he wasn’t a piece of human garbage and went on a world tour abusing women. Oh, wait.

The women Kelly recruited were essentially held hostage. They weren’t allowed to leave their room without Kelly’s permission. Not to eat or go to the bathroom. They were also barred from looking at other men and were forced to call him “Daddy.”

In at least one of the cases, he allegedly took a minor to California and committed rape, abduction, carnal abuse of a child and seduction. Kelly also allegedly exposed at least one minor victim to an infectious venereal disease.

During a press conference held by R. Kelly’s spokesperson Darrell Johnson, the parents of Joycelyn Savage broke through and demanded to know where their daughter was. Johnson spent a lot of time trying to convince people he doesn’t actually work for R. Kelly and that he works for his attorney because who’d really want to be associated with R. Kelly right now. The only thing worse than working for R. Kelly is working for Jeffrey Epstein. And it’s not worse by that much.

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