Chris Martin Berates Autograph Seekers after ‘Shitty Gig’

Have you ever seen Chris Martin angry? To be honest, I can’t remember if I have. So, when Martin goes off on some overly aggressive autograph seekers, you know the ones that aren’t even fans, the ones who make money of his signature, it feels gooood. Those autograph dealers are annoying.

The video, which TMZ has, starts with Martin angrily teeing off on the autograph seekers.

…Fucking concept of me as a human being, not fucking shout at me, it’s so aggressive. Either ask nicely or just fucking be polite. Treat humans with decency, you know, I mean, these are all going on fucking Ebay, I always sign at least one each.


I might have family s**t, or I might have had a shitty gig, which I did have one.

And the funny part, he goes ahead and signs everything at the end. Like, damn, these autograph dealers always win.

The “shitty gig” Martin mentioned was a Martin Luther King Jr. performance at the Hollywood Palladium. The solo gig supported the “Reform LA Jails” organization which “campaigns for alternatives to incarceration and prison reform.”

Martin forgot the lyrics to A Rush of Blood to the Head‘s “Amsterdam,” then switched to “When I Need a Friend” off Everyday Life. Martin joked, “This is just so embarrassing, please don’t tell anyone about this.”

Sorry, the Internet is forever.

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