Kobe Bryant’s Death Has Lead to Some Really Crazy Conspiracy Theories

Kobe Bryant’s death is still being processed by people who knew him, people who knew him only as an athlete they watched and people who disliked him. It’s bound to cause a range of reactions from people, including anger and disbelief, all the things you normally associate with death.

The thing I was not ready for, however, was the conspiracy theories.

For example, LeBron James, a former teammate of Bryant, posted a heartfelt remembrance of his friend on Instagram.

It’s sweet. It also brought a bunch of comments from people claiming that LeBron killed Bryant as part of a satanic ritual to steal his basketball ability. Seriously.

Here’s a tweet chronicling the crazier replies James received.

Yeah. The Illuminati, Bill Clinton, sacrifices to Satan, we’ve got it all. And then there were replies to this tweet spouting even more conspiracies.

Yeah, these people are really into numbers. But that isn’t even the height of craziness.

Time. War. Kobe was a casualty of the Time War. Somebody call Doctor fucking Who, I guess. Or Mister Peabody. Any famous time traveler, really.

These are all, of course, the result of the “Q-Anon” conspiracy, a 4chan prank taken seriously by a bunch of real-world Dale Gribbles who have absolutely sucked the joy out of conspiracy theories.

Remember how much fun The X-Files was? Or Marshall’s obsession with cryptids on How I Met Your Mother? These people are just screaming and alienating their family and having breakdowns about how toaster strudels are soylent green. It’s not fun and it’s not funny.

Kobe Bryant’s death was a tragedy and it’s normal to want a feeling of order and sense in a chaotic world, but it doesn’t exist. There was no reason this young man and his teenager daughter, along with seven other people, were killed in this tragic crash. Sometimes helicopters crash, there’s no rhyme or reason to it.

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Wake up
Wake up
2 years ago

Wake tf up and stop being a media pawn

2 years ago

Think about how much his brand is going to worth? Especially now that he is dead and will be immortalized? Kobe is likely the closest to Jordan in terms of Brand and Lebron is next but for whatever reason people have mixed feelings on Lebron. Jordan is worth a lot and Kobe would be worth billions in the next two decades. Kobe’s wife is the type of woman that will take 3 mil ring after she finds out her husband has been charged with rape and keeps it as a sign that she will stay with husband even though he… Read more »

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