Jake Paul got Bodied by Gigi Hadid for Insulting Zayn Malik

Jake Paul actually thinks he’s tough and that is hilarious to me. He’s in shape, but that doesn’t make him tough. He and his brother fought one celebrity boxing match and he thinks he’s Dan Severn or whoever a current UFC fighter might be, but I think Ronda Rousey could take him.

According to Page Six, Paul took his tough guy attitude and got mouthy about former One Direction musician Zayn Malik in a tweet he deleted later.

“Almost had to clap up zane from 1 direction cause he is a little guy and has an attitude and basically told me to f–k off for no reason when I was being nice to him….” Paul tweeted. “Zane ik you’re reading this…stop being angry cause u came home alone to ur big ass hotel room hahaha.”

I don’t think Jake Paul is ever nice to anyone just because nice for Jake is smarmy and makes everyone want to punch him in his dumb face. Speaking of which, Malik’s girlfriend Gigi Hadid told Paul she wanted to punch him in his dumb face.

Lol cause he doesn’t care to hang w you and your embarrassing crew of YouTube groupies ..? Home alone with his best friends like a respectful king cause he has me, sweetie. Unbothered by your irrelevant ugly ass. Go to bed …

That’s just brutal. Jake Paul retaliated by… running away with his tail between his legs.

someone needs to take my phone when i’m drunk because I am a fucking idiot

I mean, he’s not wrong, he really stuck the landing on that tweet. This is a really lame attempt to duck out on being a moron, but it’s better than that MSNBC host who claimed time-traveling Russian hackers made her write a homophobic blog post about Charlie Crist.

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