Los Angeles Sheriff Deputies Passed Around Kobe Bryant’s Death Photos and Tried Covering Up the Investigation Afterwards

Of course, you knew someone had Kobe’s Bryant’s death photos. You probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies passed around his death photos. Los Angeles cops, gotta love them. You wouldn’t even be surprised that they tried to cover it up. They would’ve gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for some dumb deputy showing Bryant’s death photos to a girl at a bar, and the Los Angeles Times’ investigative reporting.

TMZ reports that low-level deputies who initally arrived on the scene at Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash photographed his remains. That seems pretty standard, considering it’s evidence.

Unfortunately, since we’re talking about humans and you know how much humans suck, somehow deputies ended up texting each other the photos.

The department got a hold of what was going on, and told their deputies, that if they came in, confessed to passing around Bryant’s photos and deleted them, they wouldn’t face any punishment.

What the department didn’t realize, or maybe they did, is that destroying those photos was, in essence, destroying evidence.

According to TMZ, they wanted to keep it ” hush hush.”

They would have gotten away with their cover-up, if the Los Angeles Times hadn’t come sniffing around and asking about it. That launched a “formal inquiry” and now the department has to pretend that they care about their crappy deputies violating people’s trust.

The whole investigation started when a bartender overheard a deputy trying to use the Bryant photos to pick up a girl at a bar. The bartender got so disgusted he phoned in the tip and that’s when the investigation started.

That’s all you need to know about these deputies passing around Bryant’s photos. What sociopath thinks showing a dead corpse to a stranger is charming?

According to TMZ:

On Friday, the department issued a statement saying, in part, that top dog Alex Villanueva was “deeply disturbed at the thought deputies could allegedly engage in such an insensitive act.” They go on to say, “a thorough investigation will be conducted by the department, with the no. 1 priority of protecting the dignity and privacy of the victims and their families.”

What the statement really means is we’re going to shuffle some papers, have these deputies take a day off and then act as if nothing happened.

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