We Get It, Justin Bieber, You Have Sex

Instagram / Justin Bieber

I don’t know what level of insecure you have to be on to go around publicly bragging about how you have sex with your wife, but it’s a pretty high one. You definitely need to pick up the warp whistle in level 1-3 to get to this level.

Justin recently performed in London and answered some audience questions. According to E!, he took the opportunity to assure his fans that he does, in fact, f**k.

Here’s how he replied to an audience member asking him how spends a normal day at home.

“It just depends who I’m with,” the “Yummy” singer began answering. “When I’m with my wife, we like to… You guys can guess what we do. It’s gets pretty crazy… that’s pretty much all we do.”

He added, “We like to watch movies, we like to Netflix and chill, but we definitely do more of the chilling.”

Get it, because “chill” means f**k.

Yeah, there’s nothing hotter than marital sex. Remember the time Bieber got rejected by the check-in girl at his gym? Well now he’s married to the daughter of Alec Baldwin’s dumbest brother. So who’s the alpha now?

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