Pete Davidson’s ‘SNL’ Castmates Now Hate Him as Much as the Rest of Us

SNL / Composite

Pete Davidson gave a very candid interview last week where he talked about how he was considering leaving SNL because everyone thinks he’s dumb. I guess leaving seems easier than being less dumb. It turns out that talking s**t about your cast mates on The Breakfast Club when you’re not actually leaving isn’t a great idea, something a non-dumb person would know.

Page Six is now reporting that everyone on-set basically hates him now, finally bringing the views of the SNL in line with the rest of America.

Sources say co-stars including Chris Redd, Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang were still fuming at the party about Davidson’s recent interview in which he bashed the cast, saying they treat him like he’s “dumb.”

“What he said during his interviews has made a lot of folks at NBC upset, and they don’t want to work with him,” a source told us.

I love it. The only bad part is John Mulaney tried to smooth things over for him. I had such a high opinion of Mulaney, too.

But this week’s host, John Mulaney, who’s a close pal of Davidson’s, talked at the party “about how ‘SNL’ can be very cutthroat sometimes,” the source said.

“And while Pete is not doing himself any favors right now, the cast should take care of each other.”

I mean, maybe it’s nice that Mulaney has befriended Pete. If I had to guess, it’s some sort of Make-A-Wish for whatever disease Davidson has that makes him look like that. Or there’s some kind of Big Brothers/Little Douchebags program for comedians.

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7 months ago

I hate Pete davidson.

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