Elon Musk is Trying to Save Face, Take Back Kanye for President Endorsement

Elon Musk is such an amazing human being that if he didn’t exist I’d probably invent him. Not in a way that he’s smart or thoughtful or insightful, but in a way that he’s such a high-profile horse’s ass.

Last week, Elon Musk Met with Kanye West, had a conversation with him, took some pictures with him and seemingly endorsed his run for President.

After everyone figured out that Kanye West is mentally ill and is in the middle of a severe manic episode, Elon didn’t look great. I mean, we all knew that Elon was about 90% full of crap at any given time, but signing on for a guy to be President when his family’s reaction was “we’re very worried about him” is a new one even for Elon.

I mean, look at that tweet. That is the end of the first act of A Beautiful Mind right there.

Naturally, now that Kanye is less iconoclast and more disturbed in the mind of the public, Musk is trying to walk back his support.

Elon tweeted, then deleted, that he and Kanye “May have more differences of opinion than I anticipated.” It seems like the last horse crossed the finish line and figured out the ramblings of a madman are not actually genius.

Elon Musk is the dumbest “smart“ person in history, and he keeps proving it every time he pokes his head out. He’s the guy in A Beautiful Mind who saw John Nash cutting up the papers and pinning them with string and offered to go get him some more copies of The Times. You know, the one that didn’t exist because no one is that dumb. Elon is, though.

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