So Why Did The FBI Really Raid Jake Paul’s House?

Jake Paul got raided by the FBI, and as hilarious as that is, there have been a lot of conflicting reports about why they were there and what they were looking for.

The biggest rumor on the internet was that it involved some sort of sex crime because it’s the internet, basically, the only thing people have done on it for the past 2-3 years is speculate about sex crimes. Law and Order really broke some brains.

Now I told you that wasn’t likely and it doesn’t actually seem to be the case. I know it’s shocking; if you were to judge the story solely on if Jake Paul looks like a sex criminal then you’d buy it for sure.

Paul posted a video, which he later deleted, where he clarified that the FBI raid was entirely about the alleged looting incident he was involved with, and I find that believable.

You might be thinking that it doesn’t actually seem plausible that the FBI would raid someone’s home over a stolen bottle of vodka from a PF Chang’s, which is a misdemeanor at best. But have you seen the way the government has been cracking down on protestors? If you’re a fan of human rights abuses in China or Saudi Arabia then you will love America.

I think the most likely explanation is that the FBI just wanted access to the footage Paul shot so they could identify other protestors from them. And it sends a message that they’re going after someone as high-profile as Paul for taking part in the protests.

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