People Seem to Hate Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Decorations

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Normal I’m the first in line for any excuse to hate the Kardashian’s or really any reality TV ‘celebrity’ who got rich for being vapid and having vocal fry. Today things are different, though, because while a lot of people seem to hate Kim Kardashian’s Christmas decorations, I actually think her all-white scheme looks pretty nice.

Kim revealed the chic, minimalist look on Instagram Live and you can see pictures of it over on The Sun. But her fans didn’t seem too impressed with it.

Fans bashed the reality star for the “ugly” decorations, with one writing: “I’ve never hated anyone’s Christmas decorations more than I hate Kim Kardashian’s.”

“Dead @ Kim k’s Christmas decorations. It’s giving mental institution,” another suggested.

While one fired off: “Imagine having kim k money and a house that ugly. what’s the point.”

“Your house looks so cold n not lived in. Where’s a plant or pictures? That big house n it looks like a morgue, no life,” a fourth wrote.

I’m not a fan of white walls but a nice, neutral color scheme with understated decor looks modern and stylish to me. It’s a home, it should be calm and relaxing. I think all she’s missing is a few conversation pieces; some nice paintings by a favorite artist would go a long way, but at least her home isn’t some garish, gold-trimmed monstrosity.

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