Ezra Miller ‘Menaced’ a 12-Year-Old and Her Family, Gets Temporary Harassment Order Filed Against Him

There’s something wrong with Ezra Miller. The latest news is that a mother and her 12-year-old sought, and received, a temporary harassment prevention order against Ezra Miller. Ezra allegedly “menaced their family one evening in their downstairs neighbor’s home and acted inappropriately toward the nonbinary youngster.” This is on top of the lawsuit filed by another family alleging that Miller groomed their daughter starting when she was 12.

The Daily Beast reported about the court order:

On the evening of Feb. 2, the trio contend that Miller was present at the downstairs neighbor’s home in Greenfield, which is located about 40 miles from the actor’s ranch in Stamford, Vermont. That neighbor is in a band with Whitney Suters, a musician who is close friends with Miller.

“[Miller] was wearing a bulletproof vest—and I had no idea until later that they were armed,” recalls the visiting neighbor.

First off, you know how you have guests over and there’s always that one who’s wearing a bulletproof vest? No, because that never happens because most people are sane. Only insane people show up to parties in a bulletproof vest.

Tensions began brewing when the mother says she mentioned doing some traveling recently with “her tribe” of people, leading Miller to snap at her and accuse her of cultural appropriation. Then, a conversation about board games allegedly went sideways when, after Miller claimed that the board game Parcheesi had Rastafarian roots, the visiting neighbor—who is half-Black—questioned Miller as to which sect of the Rastafari movement it originated from.

Lol. I love that the neighbor was like ok Ezra, tell me about your Rastafari roots. I’ve never heard of Parcheesi coming from Rastafarian roots. I looked it up and Pachisi, as it was called, originated in India around 540 and 300 B.C. Miller needs to Google things before complaining about cultural appropriation.

“At this point, Ezra explodes and started screaming directly into my face,” the visiting neighbor tells me. “They said, ‘You don’t even know what the f**k you’re talking about. What did you say to me? What did you just say to me?!’”

“I was very caught off-guard,” the visiting neighbor continues. “Then they opened up their jacket—they had this, like, big Sherpa jacket—and they opened up one side of their jacket, you could see a gun, and they said, ‘Talking like that could get you into a really serious situation.’”

Miller opened up his jacket to intimidate the neighbor with a gun. That’s when your dinner party ends.

Next, according to the visiting neighbor, the mother, and the child, Miller focused their attention on the then-11-year-old, saying, “I’ve talked extensively with your child, and they have a lot of power to them. At one point, you’re going to realize that you don’t have any control over them anymore. They’re an elevated being, and they would be lucky to have someone like me guide them.”

Anyone who’s been around teenagers knows they aren’t close at all to being “elevated beings”. More like annoying hormone monsters.

They say Miller proceeded to turn to the mother, who dresses Goth, and accused her of being a witch and a vampire, repeatedly yelling at her, “Do you want to drink my blood? Do you!?”

When your dinner guest asks if you want to drink their blood…

Miller then came back to the child and allegedly began pestering them with compliments—at one point moving their chair closer to them, requesting that they add the actor on Instagram, and telling the child to pursue fashion.

Ha, Miller, after threatening his hosts with a gun and asking if they wanted to drink his blood, then asked them for a follow on on Instagram.

“They automatically were just weirdly drawn to me and kept talking about how they love my outfit and love my style, and kept going on and on about how it was great,” the child remembers. “It was really uncomfortable. I was really nervous. I was scared to be around them after he’d yelled at my mother and she was crying.”

The mother and visiting neighbor both believe that Miller may have been “under the influence” due to their dilated pupils and erratic behavior.

“Under the influence” is one reason. Or just plain psycho.

Miller apologized for the outbursts only to return to pester the family on a number of other occasions, including in late April, in May, and on June 4, dressed as a cowboy.

First a bulletproof vest, now a cowboy outfit. Bro, save it for the auditions.

In April, both the mother and child maintain that Miller made the child uncomfortable by hugging them and pressing their body closely against them. During the June visit, the child expressed their interest in horses, and Miller said that they would acquire several horses so that the child could help them care for the herd on their Vermont farm, which also struck them as inappropriate.

Horses!?! What’s with men and their bribes of horses? Elon Musk, I’m looking at you.

The Flash star has a lot going on, none of them are acting jobs. He’s still running around hiding from process servers trying to serve him for allegedly grooming a 12-year-old. Parents of now 18-year-old Tokata Iron Eyes allege Miller began grooming their their daughter and plied her with her drugs and alcohol.

The two still appear to be together. Who knows what’s going on now. Get Ezra some help, please.

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