Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Camille Vasquez Saved a Passenger from Dying. Meanwhile, Amber Heard Shops at T.J. Maxx

Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez, hero to all. Not just Johnny Depp fans. Also to the elderly 70-something man she saved on an American Airlines flight.

Vasquez and her bodyguard (and yes, Camille needs a bodyguard now!) jumped up and helped out the elderly man. The passenger had fallen to the floor after walking past Camille in first class.

Flight attendants called out for help, and Vazquez came to the rescue.

She called her brother-in-law, who’s a doctor, and had him guide her what to do.

According to TMZ, Camille’s bodyguard took off his Apple watch to monitor the man’s heart (which is great advertising for Apple).

Luckily, there actually WAS a doctor on-board. How often does that happen?

One of the flight attendants gave Vasquez a bottles Merlot and champagne as thanks.

EMTs were waiting to assist the man when the flight landed.

While all this happened, Amber Heard was picking out some really cool summer wear at T.J. Maxx (no shade to T.J. Maxx, great deals there).

I love Camille getting all this love. Just check out a fan who met her on the plane.


My hands were literally shaking #fyp #camillevasquez #johnnydepp

♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush

Professionally she seems on top of her game. But take a beat, dial down that idolatry. Your heroes will always disappoint you. Because that’s life and life will always let you down.

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