Madonna Still Doesn’t Get It

Madonna made a mock video apology to hydrangeas proving that she has still no idea why everyone thought she was being a bitch when she rolled her eyes and said, “I loathe hydrangeas,” when she was handed them at a press conference for her new film.


Madonna Apologizes, Not Really

Remember that video of Madonna graciously accepting flowers and then making fun of that asshole who gave it to her behind his back because that ignorant buffoon didn’t know Madonna “loathes hydrangeas?” No?


Tracy Morgan Is Sorry

GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios slammed Tracy Morgan’s “anti-gay tirade” he performed during a stand up routine in Nashville last week.


Chris Brown Has Forgiven Himself

In an interview with Page Six Magazine via Us, Chris Brown calls the Rihanna incident where he punched her in the face a bunch of times a “mishap.” He also says he’s done apologizing because he’s no fool.


Lea Michele Is Sowwy

14-year-old Oscar bait Hailee Steinfeld told J-14 Magazine that one of her most embarrassing moments came when she was in costume auditioning for True Grit, she saw Lea Michele, star of Glee, on the same lot and asked for an autograph.


John Mayer is sorry

Before a bunch of black people could assemble like a dark Voltron to stomp a hole in John Mayer for using the N word in that Playboy interview, Mayer quickly retreated to the safe glow of his computer and hopped on Twitter to issue an apology.

Tiger Woods is so sorry

After 100 cocktail waitresses and nightclub managers came and are still coming forward to claim they slept with Tiger Woods multiple times, Tiger decided it was time to release an apology.

Chris Brown apologizes

Chris Brown posted a video apology for punching Rihanna multiple times last February.